San Diego AC Question: What Features Should I Look For When Buying An Air Conditioner?

There are a lot of features available with new air conditioners, so be sure to explore your options before deciding on your new system.  As certified air conditioning professionals in San Diego, ARS San Diego knows what features to look for when buying an air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Features

There are a wide range of air conditioner features available in the air conditioning industry currently.  Deciding which ones you care about will be important in the air conditioner selection process.

  • Efficiency with SEER Rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): The higher the SEER the more it costs to purchase but the more efficient it is to run.
  • Design:  Split systems have an outdoor compressor and condenser unit and an indoor air handling unit.  Heat pumps function as both a heater and air conditioner utilizing thermal energy to cool or heat indoor air.
  • Size:  AC size and capacity are important factors for ensuring high efficiency and performance levels.
  • Dual-Stage Compressor:  Runs on high speeds when temperatures outside are hot, and on lower speeds when temperatures outside are more mild, saving energy, offering better humidity control and quieter operation.
  • Sound Dampening Options:  Compressor insulation and vibration isolation will mean a quieter running air conditioner.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve:  This valve helps the evaporator coil function at its highest efficiency, no matter how hot it is outside.
  • Fan Only Switch:  When ventilation is still required but air conditioned air is not—such as at night—this fan only option is helpful.
  • Filter Check Light:  This light notifies when filters need to be replaced.
  • Touch Screen Controls:  Controls for not only temperature settings on the thermostat but AC diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.
  • Warranty:  Many manufacturers offer warranties for air conditioners installed by approved air conditioning companies.

ARS San Diego is a licensed air conditioning company in San Diego that understand the important air conditioner features which are the most important so that you can determine which are important for your specific air conditioning system needs.  Contact ARS San Diego and receive the quality air conditioning services you require when looking at air conditioning features.

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