Cooling Comparison: Central Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, or Ductless Mini Split

Are you completely satisfied with the way your air conditioner cools your home? Is it old? Does it require frequent repairs? It may be time for air conditioning replacement. When your AC reaches a certain age and repair needs become frequent, it may be time to stop trying to make the old one work and focus on the future. Investing in a new AC for your home is a great way to boost energy efficiency and performance. In today’s post, we’d like to review a handful of the systems available to you. Most importantly, however, you need it to be professionally installed to achieve excellent cooling performance, energy efficiency, and optimal system longevity. For all of your La Mesa, CA air conditioning needs, call ARS® of San Diego today!

  • Central air. Central air is by far the most popular type of system in the country. It is a “split” system, meaning that it has both an indoor and outdoor unit. The compressor and condenser reside outdoors where the thermal energy of your warm indoor air is intensified and dissipated. The evaporator and air handler comprise the indoor unit. The blower motor draws the warm indoor air through the cool liquid refrigerant that circulates through the evaporator coils, and this cool air is then distributed throughout your home.
  • Heat pump. A heat pump works essentially like a central air, with one exception: it can go in reverse. Not only can it provide cool air in the summer to keep your home nice and cool, it can also draw the thermal energy out of the cool outdoor air during the fall and winter to keep your home warm.
  • Ductless mini split. Ductless mini splits are quickly becoming an alternative for homeowners looking to do away with ductwork, which often provides a haven for dust, pollen, dander, and other debris. Also, ductless systems tend to be more energy efficient because they the indoor unit sits directly in the living space.

Call ARS® of San Diego today for exceptional La Mesa, CA air conditioning installation, whatever type of system you may need.

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