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As we enter the season of giving thanks, we decided to kick the season off by thanking a group that truly impacts an important part of San Diego culture: the USO. The USO San Diego is an organization dedicated to supporting the troops and thanking those who serve in the military for their service and sacrifice. It has been in existence since 1941 and serves active duty military, Healing Heroes, military families and Families of the Fallen. It is a premier USO Chartered Center providing morale and support services, as well as a “home away from home” for all members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

For the month of October, the ARS office in San Diego held a candy drive to support the USO and donated more than $300 worth of Skittles® and M&M’s® to the organization’s 7th annual Harley-Ween event. On Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014, over 400 military families enjoyed a barbeque celebration, trick-or-treating, carnival games and other family-friendly activities.

(Photo credit: USO San Diego)

The USO San Diego’s Harley-Ween event was hosted at San Diego Harley Davidson. Members of the ARS team also volunteered on the day of the event to help make it a success for children and parents alike.

 (Photo credit: USO San Diego)

“We are grateful for the sacrifices our nation’s military men and women have given to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy every day,” said Art Hagopian, general manager of ARS in San Diego. “We consider the San Diego community our family and a huge part of San Diego is our military. It’s important to us that we support our troops. At ARS, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers feel comfortable in their homes and we want to make the families of our service men and women feel comfortable and supported as well.”

For more information about ARS serving San Diego County and our heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services, please visit www.arssandiego.com and call (866) 509-2940.

For more information about USO San Diego, please visit http://usosandiego.org and go to http://usosandiego.org/donation-page/ to make a donation.

Do you feel as though the second level of your property is always hotter than the first? Or perhaps one room in your home is just too cold for your liking? The type of system that you may want to take a look at is a zone heating and cooling system. 

A zone heating and cooling systems allows homeowners to set different areas of the home at different temperatures. You can set the second floor at a cool 68 degrees, while the first floor is at 72. It is accomplished by installing multiple comfort systems to heat and cool different parts of your house, or you can simply use a single furnace with mechanical zone dampers in your ductwork to direct airflow only where needed. If you’re interested in learning more about how to control varying temperatures throughout your home, call your local experts at ARS to evaluate your home’s capabilities and provide you with a recommendation. 

Zone heating and cooling systems can also be beneficial if you’re looking to save on your energy bills. Since they operate only where needed, it can help save on energy costs but to achieve maximum energy efficiency and comfort, be sure to hire a reputable company for proper installation and a professional system design. 

Are you interested in having a zone heating and cooling system installed in your own home? Contact your local air conditioning professionals at ARS® in San Diego to ask any questions or schedule an installation by calling (866) 509-2940 and visiting www.arssandiego.com.

September 23 marked the first full day of fall: a time for changing leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and getting your heating and air conditioning system checked! Fall is the perfect time to show some love to your HVAC system, because before you know it, winter will be here, and that is the last time you want your system to stop working efficiently! Your local HVAC experts at ARS® want you to be prepared this fall, so we have compiled a guide to the myths and facts surrounding HVAC's, to help you become a master before winter sets in. 

Myth: You need to change your air filter once a year.

Fact: To save on your energy bill and keep your system running efficiently, your filter should be changed every two to three months. If you feel you’re running your system harder during those summer peak days, we recommend changing them even more often. Dust, dirt, pollen and pet hair are just a few of the culprits clogging up filters and reducing the airflow. Get on a maintenance plan with your ARS Heating & Air Conditioning services provider and keep your filters clean and possibly even save money in the long run.

MythTo cool your home faster, turn the temperature a few degrees below the temperature you actually want

FactYour AC unit takes hot air in your home and replaces it with cool air at a set rate of speed; you can’t make the unit work any faster by lowering the dial beyond your desired temperature

MythThere is no need to have your system checked unless there is a problem.

FactJust like you maintain a car with fuel, oil, air in your tires, etc., you have to maintain your home’s HVAC unit. Holding off or avoiding routine maintenance checks until there is a problem could lead to more than just an air conditioner tune-up, it could mean a repair or replacement. Talk to your local heating and air conditioning service provider about affordable maintenance plans to keep your system running efficiently, effectively and safely, all year long.

Now that you’re wise to those common HVAC myths, you’re ready to fight the late fall heat and early winter cold! If you have any questions, ARS serving San Diego is here to help.  Just give us a call at (866) 509-2940 or visit us at ARSSanDiego.com.

There are a number of ways to cool your home, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between your options. Two popular systems are central air conditioners and swamp coolers, which are often confused. While by definition these two systems both condition the air by cooling it, the process by which they do this is very different. Here is a quick guide from your air conditioning experts at ARS® to help you decipher between the two:

  • A central air conditioner passes air over a set of coils filled with a refrigerant called Freon, which heats and cools as it is compressed or expanded. After the air is cooled by the coils, it is pushed into the home and re-circulated numerous times through the machine, pushing hot air outside in the process. What allows for a central air conditioner to work best is for the home to be completely closed. By having all windows and doors shut, the air conditioner will not have to work harder to supply the cold air that is lost through the openings.
  • A swamp cooler is defined as an "open system." This essentially means that the system relies on the flow of air through the home to direct the cool air, and since the system always needs hot, dry air to evaporate water, the air already inside the house needs a way out. By opening windows and doors, one can control how the air flow is circulated throughout the house, thus making it an open system. Some other notable differences are that swamp coolers are typically ductless, and also act as humidifiers, as they work by putting water into the dry air.

Deciding between these two types of systems is all a matter of location and preference – contact your local heating and air conditioning experts at ARS® to help you decide what system would work best for your needs. If you have more questions on how these machines work, or would like to schedule a repair or installation, call your local experts at ARS in San Diego at (866) 509-2940 or visit ARSSanDiego.com.

As your world becomes increasingly mobile, it was only a matter of time that your thermostat got an upgrade as well. The newest and most advanced thermostats can now connect to your home's Wi-Fi network, allowing for you to control your home's temperature on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are at work or on an exotic vacation, simply pulling out your smart phone and visiting a mobile app allows you to remotely control your thermostat and adjust the temperature of your home. Some thermostats even send high or low temperature alerts through phone or email, allowing for the homeowner to know if temperatures spike when they are not home. 

Other software programs that may come with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is a local weather update feature, remote fan control applications and even filter change reminders based on the run-time of your equipment, to keep it in tip-top shape. 

By switching to a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, a homeowner can both beat the heat and be smart with their HVAC system. If you have more questions about a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat or would like to schedule an installation, call your trusted local air conditioning professionals at ARS® at (866) 509-2940 or visit ARSSanDiego.com.

While searching for the right heat pump for your living space, you're likely to come across options like geothermal and standard heat pumps. If you are unsure as to how either of these options could benefit you more than the other, allow ARS® to help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of both heat pumps.

Geothermal Heat Pumps


  • Uses 25-50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.
  • Quieter than conventional systems.
  • Improves humidity control.
  • Can be installed in both new and retrofit situations.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Allows for zone heating, where different areas of a building could be heated or cooled to different temperatures simultaneously.
  • Often lasts 20 years or more.


  • More expensive initial costs than conventional systems.

Standard Heat Pumps


  • Less expensive initial costs.
  • Less expensive installation due to less manpower necessary.
  • A lot less construction necessary.


  • Not quite as energy efficient as a geothermal system.
  • Lower life expectancy.

If you have more questions about having a geothermal or standard heat pump installed in your home, talk to an expert at ARS in San Diego by calling (866) 509-2940 or visiting ARSSanDiego.com.

If you’ve been told closing air vents in unused rooms in your home will allow faster or more concentrated airflow into other rooms, or that leaving your ceiling fan on while you’re not home will help cool the house faster, then you’ve been duped! There are so many myths out there trying to convince homeowners what the best way to cool their homes is. Your local San Diego ARS® team of expert technicians are here to help you better understand common heating, ventilation and air conditioning myths so you can stop wasting energy and potentially start saving money without falling for those pesky HVAC rumors. 

Myth: If you close air vents in certain rooms that are not being used, you will help push air into rooms you are using to reduce the load on your HVAC system and save money on your electricity bill.

Fact: If you have a modern forced air and heating system, the pressure load is balanced throughout the house. Blocking the vent can impact how the system inhales and exhales air; in other words, it can throw the system out of balance, causing it to work harder or possibly break down. Shutting off airflow in rooms can eventually ruin the compressor, resulting in potentially costly HVAC repairs or system replacement. Instead, leave all vents open so air can circulate throughout your home at a balanced rate.

Myth: Leaving your ceiling fan on will cool a room, especially while you’re not home.

Fact: Fans cool your skin, not the air. Fans do not lower room temperature. A fan works by circulating the air in a space; when the air moves across the skin, we feel cooler even though the air temperature in the room remains the same. If a fan runs in a room when no one is there, no one is feeling its benefits so it’s probably just raising your monthly electricity bill.  

Myth: Residential heat pumps do not have a long life cycle because they operate 12 months of the year. 

Fact: Dirt, improper application and service and lack of preventative maintenance top the list for heat pump failures. If you uphold the maintenance on your pumps, just like your air conditioning unit, your pump will last much longer than if it wasn’t properly maintained.

Be sure to check back with us next month for the second part of the Myths vs. Facts series. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your air conditioner maintenance or repair needs, the San Diego ARS experts can help. Just give us a call at (866) 509-2940 and visit us at www.arssandiego.com.

Here at ARS® , we are always looking to help you make the most educated and cost-effective decisions when it comes to your HVAC system. If you feel as though your system is not doing its job, then it may be time to check if your home's ductwork is to blame. If you find that your home has leaky, damaged, or unusable ductwork, your next decision could be whether to repair or replace your HVAC air ducts.

Your local HVAC experts at ARS are here to help. Here are some signs to help you recognize when it's time to consult your local air conditioning experts at ARS in San Diego on whether to repair or replace those ducts:

  • Some rooms are particularly warmer or cooler than others. This can be caused by the location of the system, but oftentimes can be remedied by added installations.
  • An increase of the amount of dust in your home. This could be due to tears and leaks in your duct system, which brings in unwanted dust and bacteria particles. If the system is old, it may be worth it to consider a replacement.
  • If your home is relatively new, it may be more cost-effective to repair the system. Make sure you're working with a reputable company when it comes to replacements and repairs to get the best value for your investment.
  • Noticeable mold in your air ducts. This can be a health issue and mold can be difficult to remove with simple cleaning. If there is a lot of mold, the system may need to be replaced. Call your ARS San Diego HVAC experts right away to evaluate your options.
  • If a new heat pump or air conditioning system has recently been installed in your home,older duct systems may have difficulty handling the new level of efficiency and could break, tear and/or let out precious heat or cool air.
  • Your air ducts are noticeably old. In a home that is over 50 years old, your ducts may no longer be efficient and may need to be replaced.  You will certainly want to consult a professional to replace your HVAC system.

Deciding how to handle your HVAC ducts can be a tough decision, and your local ARS wants to help make it an easier one. If you have any more questions about your air ducts, or whether or not you're ready for an HVAC duct repair or replacement, contact us at (866) 509-2940 or visit ARSSanDiego.com for more information.

ARS® in San Diego is hiring!

If you live in the San Diego area and are interested in a career in heating and air conditioning, you’ve come to the right place! We are lucky enough to call San Diego home and are always looking for new talent  to help our customers with heating and air conditioning replacement and installation needs. We are an established nationwide company that is continually growing. We look to hire and invest in the best because we encourage longevity in our company and offer many advancement opportunities within ARS. We are currently looking to fill the following positions. We encourage you to continue to check back on our Careers page at any time if the current openings don’t fit your qualifications – we’re always adding to it!

  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Home Depot Lead Generator
  • HVAC Installation Mechanics
  • HVAC Residential Sales Representative
  • HVAC Service Technician
  • Telemarketing Representative 

We may be a national company but we are managed locally.  We aren’t just any HVAC company in San Diego. We’re involved in the community because they’re our friends, family and neighbors too! We offer medical, dental, vision and prescription plans, paid vacation time and holidays, 401K, a company vehicle, cell phone and advancement opportunities to our employees. Our ideal candidates are enthusiastic about their careers in the industry and are great communicators with positive attitudes.

“Our team members are the foundation of our business,” said Dan Traversi, division vice president of ARS. “As an HVAC company, we are continuously growing, training and improving to best serve our communities. We are looking for team members we can trust with our customers to adhere to ARS’ high standards of home heating and air conditioning services.“

If that sounds like a company you’d like to be a part of and you’re passionate about heating and air conditioning replacement and installation in San Diego, visit the ARS in San Diego Careers page and apply. Contact us at ARS for your San Diego HVAC needs, call (866) 509-2940 or visit us at www.arssandiego.com.

Summer in San Diego can mean the air conditioning bill goes up as the temperatures rise, but we’re here to question that “fact:” does it have to? Here are some tips from your local San Diego HVAC experts at ARS® (ARSSanDiego.com) on how to beat the heat and possibly save money on your utility bill with air conditioning maintenance in the process. 

  • Replace air filters regularly- By maintaining your air conditioner and changing air filters, you can increase the life span of you HVAC system, increase efficiency and cut energy costs.
  • Consider a programmable thermostat- Be proactive with your thermostat. A programmable thermostat, or a wi-fi thermostat, both empower you to make your own energy-saving decisions.
  • Adjust the thermostat when you're not around- By manually adjusting a thermostat to a few degrees warmer when you're not around, you could potentially save 1-3% on your bill per degree set over 72 degrees during the summer.
  • Close the shades during the day- Keep out the sun's rays with window shades for an inexpensive and simple way to keep a room cooler during the summer months.
  • Use fans to cool down a room- Be strategic with your fans by installing ceiling fans or placing portable fans higher up in the room. Heat rises, and by placing a fan up high you can create cooler air flow in any room. 
  • Protect your HVAC unit from sun or other debris- Be sure to sweep away debris and provide shade over your HVAC system to keep it operating efficiently during the summer months.
  • Seal holes and cracks in doors and windows- Eliminate air leaks that let out cool air with foam insulation or weather-stripping.
  • Replace old air conditioning units - Don't stay loyal to your old air conditioning unit. There’s a chance it’s taking much more money than it deserves. Contact ARS for a new, high-efficiency air conditioner replacement that can help save you from wasting money.

It's going to be hot this summer, but you shouldn't have to sweat it. Use these tips and contact your San Diego HVAC experts at (866) 509-2940 to make sure you're ready to take on the summer heat without emptying your wallet. Visit ARSSanDiego.com for more information.

As the summer heat begins to emerge, the rise in air pollution can prove problematic. Longer days, warmer weather and more sunshine can mean stagnant air and increased emissions from cars, planes and other common pollutants added to the air we breathe. 

Unfortunately, the beautiful county of San Diego was recently under the attack of numerous fires, and the skies were filled with smoke. Ash and other debris associated with the fires can be taken in through the outside air conditioning unit, which could eventually enter our homes, especially if the home is in an area with less than moderate air quality.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that poor indoor air quality is one of the top five leading factors affecting respiratory health in the country.  The professionals at ARS® would like to share how you can increase the quality of the air inside your homes with routine air conditioner maintenance. Here are just a few of the helpful tips:

  • Filter yourself: hotter weather requires more frequent filter replacing. Change your filter every three months.
  • Sun protection always recommended: ultra violet (UV) lights installed in the ductwork or air filtration system help capture and destroy harmful bacteria and viruses leaving you with cleaner air in your home. 
  • Keep it up: routine air conditioner maintenance means the unit that moves air throughout the home is completely clean so the build-up is greatly reduced.

The time to pay attention to your HVAC maintenance needs is now. 

If you have any questions about your HVAC system and the quality of your indoor air, call the experts at ARS in San Diego at (866) 509-2940 or visit www.ARSSanDiego.com

If you’re a student or you have a student in the Carlsbad Unified School District in North County San Diego, listen up! ARS® Air Conditioning & Heating and the Carlsbad Education Foundation have partnered to offer the region’s first-ever Think Green Contest! Kindergarten to 12th grade students are invited to enter their best energy-saving ideas and explain how their idea would best impact the community. Everything from essays and models to posters and drawings are welcome. Students are encouraged to submit to arsthinkgreen@boltpr.com or mail to 9731 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618 before Friday, May 23.

Categories will be divided based on grade level: elementary school (kindergarten through fifth grades), middle school (sixth through eighth grades) and high school (ninth through twelfth grades). The high school student with the winning idea will be awarded a $500 cash prize; the middle school and elementary school finalists will be awarded $300 and $200 cash prizes, respectively. In addition, ARS will match the total prize earnings with a $1,000 donation to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation. ARS will also offer $30 off every ARS Home Service Plan purchased by San Diego residents who mention the Think Green contest through June 3, 2014.

For a complete list of rules, visit here or reach out to (949) 436-3696 with any questions about the ARS and Carlsbad Education Foundation Think Green Contest.

If you have any questions about air conditioning or heating or you’d like to inquire about a Home Service Plan, call your HVAC experts at ARS in San Diego at (866) 509-2940 or visit www.ARSSanDiego.com. 

Is that possible? Is that a new invention? It’s actually something homeowners in San Diego are learning – dual fuel systems.

A dual-fuel AC system is something every homeowner should consider because it’s good for a personal budget and global responsibility.

A dual-fuel heat pump is an electric heat pump and a gas furnace all in one. In areas of the country where temperatures are typically above freezing and that have low electric rates, a heat pump is one of the most efficient way to heat your home. In those few instances when the temperature drops below freezing, a gas furnace provides heat more economically. By combining the two, you can have the benefits of both systems.

Dual-fuel heat pump systems are a larger investment than a new conventional heating and cooling systems because you’re getting essentially two systems in one. However, you'll could save the extra money in the next two to three years from lower heating and cooling costs.

If you have any questions, think about calling ARS San Diego at (866) 509-2940 or visit us at www.ARSSanDiego.com.

Before we know it, spring will be gone and summer will be here, giving us all in San Diego some delightful weather. There is one important thing about the upcoming warmer months that homeowners often forget to consider – their HVAC unit.

Your HVAC unit is about to start working overtime as the temperatures begin to rise.  To help it run at full strength, there are a few things homeowners in San Diego can do to ensure their systems are ready for the upcoming summer. Here are a couple of ideas for your check list.

  1. Change your Filters Regularly – This is an important reminder for HVAC maintenance, and one we can’t stress enough. That’s because this is the easiest way (and least expensive) to take care of your unit. A new filter helps the entire system work better and more effectively, while also keeping your indoor air clean and healthy for your family.  ADD TIMING FOR WHEN THE FILTERS SHOULD BE CHANGED / HOW OFTEN
  2. Check your Freon – Low levels of refrigerant could indicate a leak, which is both an environmental and operational hazard.  Contact ARS® to check your Freon for you. More will be needed to cool your home during the hotter months.
  3. Calibrate your Thermostat – If you haven’t already purchased a digital thermostat, you may want to consider once. Your thermostat setting could be misreading the temperature in your home and causing your air conditioning to run unnecessarily.  And, with a digital thermostat you can adjust the settings which can help you to save money on your energy bill.

Whatever you need to do to prepare your home and HVAC for the summer, ARS can help. Just give us a call at (866) 509-2940 or visit us at ARSSanDiego.com.

Can you believe that we are starting to use our air conditioners in San Diego in March? Since you may already be turning on the cool air in the home, when was the last time you thought about what helps that air – your air filter?

From a regular HVAC tune-up to inspecting the air quality in your home, our skilled technicians at ARS® understand the benefits of routine maintenance, but it all starts with your air filter and springing for a few dollars at your local home store. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Allergies. Those microscopic delivery drivers of agony can cause many problems for homeowners in San Diego. Healthy air can reduce the effect of allergens in your home (e.g., mold spores, dust), which is why when the filter is dirty, the allergens are not being sucked up into your HVAC. We suggest cleaning or changing it.
  2. Energy. Air filters can help the air in your home, but they also help the HVAC itself. A clean air filter can keep the HVAC infrastructure working well by removing clogging and trapped debris. The harder your HVAC unit has to work, the shorter it will last because of the rapid wear-and-tear on the air conditioner or heater.
  3. Money. If your HVAC has to work harder because of a dirty filter, you can find yourself having to turn up the heat or turn down the air to achieve your desired temperature. That’s money blowing in your home. Change the air filter and you may not have to spend so much money.

If you have any questions, call us at (866) 509-2940 or visit us as ARSSanDiego.com.

At ARS® San Diego, we want to ensure you don’t forget about something that can easily be overlooked during spring cleaning – your air conditioner.

From the filter to the ducts, the coils to the thermostats, even your HVAC system has needs and spring is the ideal time to take care of those.

There are many benefits to routine maintenance for your air conditioner. For example:

  1. Maintenance of your HVAC system means fewer breakdowns and longer duration of use
  2. Removal of dust from the system results in cleaner air in the home
  3. Cleaning the system reduces noise during each cooling cycle
  4. Tune-ups ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency

In San Diego, we’re lucky enough to frequently enjoy the amazing outside air. But you also want the best air quality you can get indoors. Don’t forget spring cleaning your HVAC system.

If you have any questions, contact us at 866-509-2940 or at ARSSanDiego.com.

In short, helping your heater means helping your wallet. Whenever homeowners use the furnace more than usual, the energy bills can skyrocket. There are ways to help lower that cost and still stay warm in your home. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Turn Down the Water Heater. Did you know you could even do that? If you lower the temperature to the range of 115 to 120 degrees, you could reduce power usage in your home without a real noticeable difference to the temperature.
  2. Keep Your Ducts in a Row. It is a necessary thing to help with your heating costs. The U.S. Department of Energy says that if your ductwork is not properly sealed or connected, the heat can lose about 60 percent of its effectiveness.
  3. Keep Heating Vents Clear. Where are your vents? Are they blocked by rugs? Are they covered by furniture? Maybe that’s causing your heater to work harder than it needs to be working during the winter.
  4. Use a Blanket. Did you know that according to the U.S. News & World Report there is a popular statistic in the HVAC business that says you can save about three percent on your heating bill for every degree you set the temperature back? Grab a blanket and save some cash.

Hopefully, those easy tips will help you save money while helping your heater work easier. If you find that your furnace is still having troubles, we are happy to help you. Just give us a call at (866) 509-2940 or visit us online and drop us a line.

The Air Quality Index of San Diego is something very important to this city. Some days, our air quality is good in terms of ground-level ozone and levels of health concern. Most days, it’s not great in San Diego, largely because of smog.

According to the Air Pollution Control District for the County of San Diego, “smog season” lasts from May through October. Yet, because of the strange winter we have been having in our city, smog levels have been at irrational rates. Here are three things you can do as a homeowner to improve the air quality for your family.

  1. Change your Air Filter. You always hear HVAC guys and gals say that for a good reason – it needs to happen. That filter in your air conditioning unit works as easy or hard as you make it. The filter blocks allergens from floating in your home, waiting to infect everyone who lives in it.
  2. Consider an Air Cleaner. Cleaners, much like the ones we offer at ARS®, are electronic and work by ionizing the air then attracting larger particles away from air molecules. While this will capture many other particles, it is best suited for smaller pollutants like smoke fumes.
  3. UV Technology. You have seen it in sunglasses and radiation protection, but did you know UV technology is available for indoor air quality control too? UV technology is effective indoors because it can take care of microscopic mold spores, bacteria and other viruses you didn’t even know were there.

Let us know how ARS San Diego can help today by calling us out for a quick inspection at 866-509-2940. You will be breathing easy once you do.

This is San Diego. The temperature remains in the 70s, almost year-round, so why worry about HVAC maintenance? We’re glad you asked.

At ARS®, we believe a well-informed home owner is the best home owner, which is why our skilled technicians put together this list of facts to share the importance of HVAC maintenance, despite the weather.

  1. Equipment Can Stop Working. Ever heard of someone who got in the car, turned on the ignition and nothing happened? How is that possible? It is a relatively new car. But have you changed the oil, checked the tires, or any of the dozens of other checks required at those regular maintenance checks? Just like your car, your HVAC unit is a machine and things happen, which is why the “tune-up” is so important.
  2. Even on Mild Days, Dust Collects. Your HVAC has several pieces of equipment that keep out dust and other microorganisms that can make breathing more difficult. From checking your ducts to the quality of the air flowing in your home, your air conditioner and heater need attention. Even in San Diego.
  3. Energy Efficiency in California Matters. Despite the mild temperatures, home owners love to use their HVAC units throughout the year. Getting regular maintenance ensures everything is working at maximum efficiency. If that’s the case, your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard, which can save you money and lowers the demand on California’s energy grid.

If you have any questions about your HVAC, please contact ARS today. We would be happy to come out, check out your HVAC and work on saving you money for many years to come.

In case you don’t remember, when you least need something to break down, that’s when it usually does. Your HVAC is no different. They can be expensive because there are many parts inside either your furnace or air conditioner that can break without proper care.

Your local San Diego ARS technicians have created a few New Year’s resolutions based on what they care about the most – your HVAC units. Consider these in 2014 so you can have more money for summer vacations, birthdays and that certain jolly man sliding down your chimney.

  • Get to Know Your System – From thermostats to zone control systems, fuel systems to heat pumps, do you know what your HVAC offers your home? You should because when you need it looked at for that strange sound or when something breaks, you will have a good idea of what is wrong, what to tell our technicians, and how much you think it will cost.
  • Keep Them Clean – Whether it is regular replacement of your air filters or having your ducts cleaned, keeping simple things like these under control can help prevent bigger problems with your HVAC in the future.
  • Commit to Better Air Quality in the Home – The City of San Diego is doing what it can for improved air quality outside, but you can help inside your home too. Did you know air filtration or cleaning every once in a while will help the air flow inside your home? It will and you will actually feel the difference.
  • Establish a Regular Maintenance Schedule – It’s the same with your car or any other large piece of equipment; a little maintenance now can prevent a large headache later. At ARS, we can go anywhere in San Diego and check your HVAC units easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Any other questions about those resolutions? Call us today and we will help your 2014 be a great one.

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